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The overall goal of is to provide products and services to the small scale "In-home/in-garage" gardeners.

Over the past 2 years we have developed 4 unique products that allow us to have a clean versatile small footprint hydroponic system with the ability to produce high yields of whatever plant, flower, herb, or vegetable that you decide to grow.

Many of the "complete" in home gardening kits that are available online are not very "complete" at all. These kits might only include a tent, a fan, and a light, then they leave it all up to you to discover how to make it all work together. Many novice growers end up with a hot, humid, and dirty tent full of bugs that produces a less than satisfying yield, shortly followed by all of that equipment ending up in storage to never be used again, or on craigslist just to serve the next guy with the same problem.

The 4 products that we at have been perfecting over the last few years give you the ability to get past all of the learning curves and have a system that truly works as well as one that you will be proud to display. Both of the owners of have our systems installed at our own homes and have for a few years now. We are always so proud to display our gardens to our friends, and because of how clean and productive our systems are, our friends are as equally impressed. The best part about our systems is that they are very low maintenance, and for the most part very automated.

As for now we are still in the development stage and hope to have some if not all of our 4 key products available for purchase early to mid next year.

Until then if this sounds like something that is interesting to you, then please fill out the fields below and we will contact you as soon as we go live with product!
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Look for us this year @ the Indoor Grow Show in Long Beach October 26th - 27th